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Now you can access all of your metrology data in one, easy to use interface that provides both complex, custom modeling and easy automation. Weir data, analyses, reports and graphics can be easily exported to any web or html site.

Our Weir and LithoWorks products are more powerful and easier to use than ever before. Why waste your time developing spreadsheet or custom analyses?  TEA Systems products can read in any commercial metrology data including:

KLA-Tencore, Accent, Bio-Rad, Hitachi, IVS, Soluris, Schlumberger, Nanometrics, CDE ResMap, Ellispometer, NIKON, CANON, ASML, ThermoWave, NOVA, TEA, TEL, Timbre ODP, TEL, Sensarray, OnWafer, Excel and others. Overlay, Registration, Feature Profiles, CD, Film Thickness, Temperature, Electrical Test, Faraday, Kelvin Structures and more.

Easy Access to all TEA Systems Information

Science can be beautiful as well as powerful! Browse through our new, easy access Brochures and Product Overview section to see some of the most beautiful and interesting plots of ARC coatings, Bottom and Side-wall-angle uniformity plots and population density plots in the industry.

The product overviews easily provide annotated overviews of product features, applications examples, licensing, data culling methods and wafer and field model applications.

TEA Systems Products

TEA offers products to model films, wafer, process and lens data for characterization and setup of tools and the process.

Our tools can be used for process setup and control in Photomask and Semiconductor manufacturing and test. They are used to qualify new reticle designs prior to and during production. The Weir family of tools also provide a valuable aid in calculating the setup parameters for simulation and Reticle RET validations.

The Weir and LithoWorks engineering workbenches provide unparalleled power in mining and modeling metrology data for deconvolution of systemic and random process perturbations. Complex engineering tasks are simplified by encapsulating the models, graphics and analyses into the Weir Macros. Weir DM than can use the Weir Macros to provide two-click analyses of any data stream along with easy to access trend charts.

Weir DMA allow the Weir DM analyses to be called by other programs as a modeling and analysis module for factory control and Advanced Process Control (APC) applications.

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TEA Systems is a privately held corporation specializing in advanced, intelligent modeling of the semiconductor process and toolset. Products from TEA allow the user to decouple process, tool and random perturbations for enhanced process setup & control.

TEA Systems products include:

Weir PSFM: Full-wafer/field/scan analysis tool for FOCUS derived from proprietary defocus sensitive features.

Weir PW:    Full-wafer/field/scan analysis for any metrology with advanced process window capabilities.

LithoWorks PEB: A tool to link and correlate profile, film and critical element control to thermal reactions such as PEB and ChillPlate

Weir DMA:   Macro Automation interface for Weir PSFM and Weir PW for external calling, automated data gathering or one-button analysis of commonly used sequences. Includes data trending.


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FOCAL is a trademark of ASML Lithography.

Z-spin is a trademark of CANON

PSFM Reticle is a trademark of Benchmark Technologies inc.

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