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TEA Systems Products - Selected Overviews

Common Information


Quick Product Summary

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 Getting Started with TEA Systems' Products

Data Formats are imported and converted. Data, reports and sub-analyses are stored in Microsoft Excel Workbooks using:

TEA Standard Data Format

Never a charge for new import formats!

TEA Products import all formats including KLA-Tencore, Accent, Bio-Rad, Hitachi, IVS, Soluris, Schlumberger, Nanometrics, CDE ResMap, Ellispometer, NIKON, CANON, ASML, ThermoWave, NOVA, TEA, TEL, Timbre, TEL, Sensarray, OnWafer, Excel and others. Overlay, Registration, Feature Profiles, CD, Film Thickness, Temperature, Electrical Test, Faraday, Kelvin Structures etc.

TEA products Overview

In-Depth product summary

TEA Products Features

General features of TEA System's software products

TEA Products Applications

Product use for semiconductor applications

Product License & System Requirements

License Formats available and Recommended System Requirements & Summary

Wafer and Field Models

Product model sample screens showing full-wafer and field modeled data

Data Culling

Methods of data culling and selection for analysis

Vector Raptor - Advanced Overlay for Double Patterning

Vector Raptor Overview

Vector Raptor - Why a new Overlay Modeling Tool is Needed?

Weir PW - Spatial error model, metrology and extended process window analysis


Basic Features

Basic Weir PW Features

Weir PW Overview

Weir PW product in-depth overview.

Process Window


Overview of Process Window functionality for extended process setup and lens/reticle qualification. Includes:

  • step-by-step from multi-variable data loading,

  • FEM layout,

  • spreadsheet organization,

  • data culling,

  • variable covariance etc.

  • Also includes focus uniformity,

  • reticle CD evaluation,

  • optimized "CD vs Dose",

  • DoF uniformity and

  • process window variable evaluation.

ARC influence on CD's

Analysis of Spatial Distributions

Advanced Litho Tool Study

Study of process reactions to films and depth-of-focus

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