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TEA Systems provides advanced process control, characterization and tuning software for semiconductor lithography in a unified framework for exposure tools, metrology and control of the process. TEA Systems products use metrology data from any source to model the parameters critical for successful wavefront engineering.  All products are object oriented, supporting advanced contour, 3D, XY plotting, and user-defined model analysis with mouse interactive functions. Extensive tools are provided for automated and mouse-interactive data culling.

All lithographic metrology data sources can be imported.

Historically, TEA Systems Corporation is a privately held entity residing in Allentown Pennsylvania, USA. The company was founded in 1988 by Terrence E. Zavecz.

Products of the company have focused on leading-edge, semiconductor lithography applications that have been employed at selective entities world-wide.  The principals of the company encompass over 36 years of semiconductor experience from such notable firms as Bell Labs, Western Electric and KLA Instruments (now KLA-Tencore) in areas of device, process and equipment research, development and manufacturing. Their realm of experience encompasses the areas of mask, reticle,  process and tool design, electron beam lithography systems (EBES/MEBES), ultra-clean room design, semiconductor circuit, digital and analog chip design, process optimization for defect control and yield optimization, Advanced Process Control (APC) and metrology tool design. Process experience over the years represents hands-on participation in wafer-fabrication facilities across the USA, in  Europe, Japan and Taiwan.

The company's principals have developed or participated in many control and analysis applications over the years. Commercialized products include the MARKET® software for MEBES (mask making),  AT&T Internal stepper modeling software and KLA’s KLASS™ stepper modeling software plus a number of offerings that have commercialized internally or through intellectual property spin-offs including:

  • T-Stats A metrology tool calibration and analysis package

  • LIMET-NT software for Lithographic Imaging METrology analysis and modeling.

  • OASnt – Optical Analysis System for lens aberration modeling

  • FPAex – Focal Plane Analysis software

  • MAPA – Overlay APC application; Model Automated Process Applications control software for Advanced Process Control in manufacturing.


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