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Vector Raptor Overlay & Registration setup and control   VR 889K

Product (ppt)

FOCAL (ppt)



Matching & Difference Analysis Tools for all metrology   VRmatch 579k Single Wafer

FOCAL, Focus & Pre-Align Stage

BARC process window evaluation

Weir PW Full-Profile process control & response surface analysis 710K PW 774K

Reticle Haze (ppt)

Haze Aberration Analysis (ppt)

Weir PSFM Focus calibration and perturbation decoupling 710K PSFM 495K     135K
Weir DMA Automated Script Analysis Software   DMA 400K      
Weir DM Interactive Daily Monitor 710K DM 526K      
Weir TR Temporal Response analysis software for metrology & Thermal Sensor Data 710K WeirTR 542K

Product Interface (ppt)

Temporal systems matching (ppt)

OnWafer PEB Sample Analysis (ppt)

Thermal SensArray Sample Analysis (ppt)

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