Semiconductor data modeling for tool, process and yield

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Contour plot of Side-Wall-Angle (SWA) variation across wafer & associated SWA vs wafer-radius.





By Solution

The TEA System's product line guarantees data import from any metrology that can deliver an ASCII or published Binary format. Data and sub-analyses are stored in open-format, Microsoft Excel workbooks for the users convenience.

Applications run on Windows 2000, XP etc. All support point-and-click graphics and setup with automated, effortless modeling for yield-loss analysis and ‘what-if" scenario simulation. All data and images are object-oriented allowing drill-down analytical analysis.

Select a product solution according to your needs from the solutions on the left or directly click on a product name at the right for more information.




Weir PW
Process window, metrology and spatial feature modeling.



Focus analysis from commercial patterns and programs.



Weir DM
Trend charts and automated analyses of raw or modeled data.



Vector Raptor
Advanced Overlay for Double Patterning and Target Design with user-defiined models



LithoWorks PEB
Thermal wafer analysis PLUS correlation to feature profile.

General Product Description

Download File: Getting Started with TEA Systems' Products

TEA Systems’ products deliver vendor independent analysis capabilities that are unmatched in the industry. From the broad spectrum of data gathering, through raw data statistical and spatial analysis and into advanced, adaptive models that provide unique insights into the tool performance, the subsystem error contributions and process influence. Data is stored in an open format providing full user access to raw, modeled and derived matrices.

All TEA System's analyses are highly automated and tuned to the specific needs of semiconductor manufacturing. Object-oriented lot and process models provide interactive graphics with full drill-down capabilities for visualization and area specific data extraction. All products offer enhanced data culling when handling either noisy data or localized disturbances in the process. Culling is both automated and open to user manual control. Data culling can be performed through analysis specific controls and mouse-selected, point-and-click removal or area, wafer, field, site and point specific members.

Proprietary mathematical, graphic and modeling engines are uniquely tuned to the highly systematic data populations found in semiconductor manufacturing. Regressions use TEA System's proprietary Singular Value Decomposition, adaptive modeling to provide un-matched accuracy in deriving the control and tuning components that you need to control your process and yields.

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