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Overlay Control

Overlay and Registration Control for Double Patterning is critical for sub-64 nm feature-size devices. TEA Systems' products provide both overlay control and feature-size control to quantify the effects of Double-Patterning Errors.

The product features that qualify these products for double-patterning also provide precise and easy-to-use aids for the evaluation of the relative performance of test-mark designs

Double Patterning of two or more layers to achieve a single device-layer embodies new sources of registration error. Reticle-library errors such as patter-to-mark offsets, reticle processing and reticle exposure drift variations all contribute now to IntraField overlay/registration and therefore Feature-Size errors.

             Left:      Modeled overlay for Double Pattern without field offset

             Center: Rotation showing separate Lens-Slit and Field Rotation components

             Right:    Contour of X-registration for Trapezoid & Wedge Errors


Select a product solution according to your needs below or directly click on a product name on the lower-right for more information.


By Solution


  • Critical Feature Analysis

  • Overlay, Registration & Double Patterning

    • Vector Raptor

      • Advanced Model applications using TEA Systems proprietary adaptive modeling tools.
      • Exposure Tool corrections
      • Import ANY overlay or registration data
      • Import ANY metrology data (in addition to overlay data)
      • Comparative performance tools
      • Precision analysis
      • Covariance tools
      • Deconvolve error sources of the reticle, metrology, process and exposure tool
    • Weir PW
    • Automated and Interactive Data Culling
    • Data sub-set selection tools
    • Metrology tool and algorithm validation
    • Metrology variable covariance calculation
    • Process and tool precision calculation
    • Error-budget and yield loss automated analyses.
    • Advanced critical feature spatial-control models for wafer, field, lens-slit and reticle-scan.
    • Across-field Depth-of-Focus modeling
    • Best Focus and optimal feature size modeling
    • Field signature Dose uniformity analysis and multi-system matching.
    • Process Window Analysis for any combination of features and all sites within the exposure field.
    • Weir DM / Weir DMA (Automation)
      • Incorporate any of the above applications into a custom Weir Macro.
      • Call Weir DMA from factory control software or any APC or other software for automated  process control.
      • Output data to Internet sites in HTML format or to other programs in ASCII or Weir Spreadsheet formats.
  • Focus Control

  • Post Exposure Bake

  • Reticle Analysis

  • Tool Characterization

  • Metrology

  • Process Setup & Control


Weir PW
Process window, metrology and spatial feature modeling.



Focus analysis from commercial patterns and programs.



Weir DMA
Trend charts and automated analyses of raw or modeled data.



Vector Raptor
Advanced overlay and registration control with user-defined models



LithoWorks PEB
Thermal wafer analysis PLUS correlation to feature profile.

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