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Metrology Control

There an old saying that goes

"Garbage in garbage out."

So it is with your metrology, any attempt to control a process or exposure tool will fail unless the metrology is providing stable and precise data.

TEA Systems products all support active validation of metrology through their unique proprietary modeling engines that intelligently control data integrity. All TEA Systems products also support data culling through automated, manual and mouse-interactive features.

Optical CD tools, and all Rigorously Coupled Wave Analysis (RCWA) based metrology, require model library and algorithm development. TEA Systems products can use the quality variables of these models, such as "Goodness of Fit" (GOF) and "Alarm", to provide data point culling.

The engineer can also use the precision, covariance and variable spatial mapping functions to characterize the performance and valid range of the RCWA model to speed-up the model and library development cycle times.

The Weir PW software is unique in its special features for evaluation of the metrology tool and the algorithms used to calculate the variables.

Select a product solution according to your needs below or directly click on a product name on the lower-right for more information.





Visualize metrology fit variable distributions against feature variables.

By Solution


  • Overlay & Registration Control

  • Critical Feature Analysis

  • Focus Control

  • Post Exposure Bake

  • Reticle Analysis

  • Tool Characterization

  • Metrology Analysis

    • Vector Raptor

      • Advanced Model applications using TEA Systems proprietary adaptive modeling tools.
      • Exposure Tool corrections
      • Import ANY overlay or registration data
      • Import ANY metrology data (in addition to overlay data)
      • Comparative performance tools
      • Precision analysis
      • Covariance tools
      • Deconvolve error sources of the reticle, metrology, process and exposure tool
    • Weir PW (feature & process window models)
      • Evaluate tool data parameters such as "goodness-of-fit" and "Mean Square Error (MSE)" performance as provided by the metrology vendor.
      • Automated calculation of metrology precision.
      • Covariance mapping of variables and feature-family orders
      • Modeled analysis of metrology variable covariance for scatter and ellipsometer model building.
      • Validation of scanner and ellipsometer model effectiveness ranges and performance levels
      • Import, validate and model the data from any metrology system.
    • Weir DM & Weir DMA (Automation)
      • This Daily Monitor (DM) program automates the analysis of raw, modeled and calibrated data.
      • Replicate Weir PW and PSFM analyses with two mouse-clicks on any data set
      • Automated, interactive trend charts.
      • User custom-setup of analysis sequence, current and trended selected statistics.
      • Incorporate any of the above applications into a custom Weir Macro.
      • Call Weir DMA from factory control software or any APC or other software for automated  process control.
      • Output data to Internet sites in HTML format or to other programs in ASCII or Weir Spreadsheet formats.
  • Process Setup & Control


Weir PW
Process window, metrology and spatial feature modeling.



Focus analysis from commercial patterns and programs.




Weir DM/

 Weir DMA
Trend charts and automated analyses of raw or modeled data.



Vector Raptor
Overlay and Registration for Double Patterning



LithoWorks PEB
Thermal wafer analysis PLUS correlation to feature profile.

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