Semiconductor process modeling

Semiconductor data modeling for reticle, tool, process and yield


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Video Tutorials: Vector Raptor / Best Focus

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IC Photomask c1974

Emulsion on 8 x 10 x 0.25 inch Glass Plate

Double Patterning and BARC Plot

Double-Pattern Vector Rotation/Magnification, BARC and Feature-Profile Uniformity

Comparative & Difference Matching Tools .....

VR Matching tm

A new and unique concept in data analysis for Overlay, Focus, CD, Film Thickness etc. with a simplified approach to Performance Matching, Process Window Extrapolation, Tool Matching, Reticle Haze detection, DFM Validation and Yield Enhancement

TEA Systems

Semiconductor Process Characterization and Control Software

Introduction to TEA Systems


Data Analysis

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Providing the analysis tools and expertise that semiconductor manufacturers need to manage their toolsets, process, lithography, device yield and productivity. TEA Systems products accelerate yield learning through the effortless application of raw data analysis and sophisticated modeling  of any metrology data. Proprietary analysis methods convert meaningless random variations into controllable systematic process signatures and yield-loss analyses.


  • Process, Lot, Film, Wafer, Field, Slit, Scan and Profile modeled analysis.

  • Process Window: full-field, multi-site, full-profile, multi-feature

  • Point-and-click analysis macro's for interactive or computer automation.

  • Advanced Process Control modeling engines for any APC / metrology system

  • Focus derivation and modeled perturbation analysis from Bossung plots or proprietary features.

  • Modeled lot gating.

  • Advanced process, equipment and metrology tool setup & control

  • Reticle Enhancement Technology (RET), Optical Proximity (OPC), Phase Shift reticle qualification and validation from direct or process derived data.

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