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TEA Systems was founded in 1988 by Terrence Zavecz. the Corporation has created, developed and sold control and characterization products for Semiconductor Lithography and Photomask product markets during this period.

Additional information can be seen in the Corporate Background page.

Features common to all TEA Systems products can be reviewed using the Getting Started file.

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ppt 5.6 Mbytes

Overview of TEA Systems, product features and offerings.

CD Uniformity Market

ppt 7.3 Mbytes Process control thru metrology market applications addressed by TEA Systems Products

CD Uniformity Overview

ppt 2.6 Mbytes Overview of sources of CD non-uniformity as well as methods of measurement and control.

Reticle Haze

ppt 2.6 Mbytes Reticle haze detection and control using Weir PW. Also illustrates simple methods for Dose Uniformity and Focus Uniformity process and tool modeling using in-process control elements.

Weir TR - Temporal Response

ppt 2.5 Mbytes Temporal Response calculation, inflection points, control elements, energy transferred cycle-phase detection, sensor mapping, Rise Times and snapshot images of the cyclic process. Methods illustrated using On-Wafer and Therma-Wave temperature metrology. Process and Arrhenious Energy transfer calculations.

Vector Raptor overview

ppt 4.9 Mbytes Overlay Control/ Modeling: Vector Raptor

Vector Raptor - High Density Overlay

ppt 1.4 Mbytes  



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