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Powerful, flexible, easy to use and never a charge for new or changed metrology imports!*

Download File: Getting Started with TEA Systems' Products

TEA Systemsí products deliver vendor independent analysis for yield enhancement, process control, systematic error elimination and characterization. Weir product capabilities are unmatched in the industry. Modeled Field Rotation - Vector Raptor

Data is imported and stored in an open format Microsoft Excel workbooks providing full user access to raw, modeled and derived matrices. Automated data reports can be customized and delivered in text or html formats.

All products offer enhanced data culling when handling either noisy data or localized disturbances in the process. Culling is both automated and open to user manual control. Data culling can be performed through analysis specific controls and mouse-selected, point-and-click removal or area, wafer, field, site and point specific members.

Proprietary mathematical, graphic and modeling engines are uniquely tuned to the highly systematic data populations found in semiconductor manufacturing. Regressions use TEA System's proprietary Singular Value Decomposition, adaptive modeling to provide un-matched accuracy in deriving the control and tuning components that you need to control your process and yields.


Wafer, field or lot vector and contour interactive graphics are linked to the TEA Systems Lot model for full object drill-down capability., 2D, 3D, contour, XYgraphs, Histograms, Trend plots, Curve-fitting, population density curves, BoxPlots and many more graphics are easily created using your mouse and our graphic interface. Point-and-cick dataProcess Window for Side Wall Angle measured featured. analysis tools provide basic and advanced statistics and precision analyses.

All analyses can be Weir Macro embedded using our mouse-driven interface to provide two-click data modeling/trending with Weir DM and automated, non-interactive analyses from Advanced Process Control (APC) and factory control systems using Weir DMA.

Data *

All Analyses use the Weir Standard Format for data that is stored in Microsoft Excel workbooks. Workbooks are also used to store reports and additional analysis-generated data such as focus & dose uniformity. Reports can be extracted in html format for internet or web reporting. External metrology data need only be imported into the Weir Workbook the first time it is used. Follow-up analyses use the Weir Workbook format.

Product Details

  Product Features Applications 
  Vector Raptor

Overlay & Registration Control

Double Patterning

Feature design response analysis

VR Matching Interface

  • See Brochure
  • User-customized models
    • Advanced adaptive control-surface modeling
    • User modified or custom-created models
    • Grid v. wafer performance
    • Full-field, Lens-slit & Reticle-scan application of models
    • "What-if" simulation analysis
  • Analysis Tools
    • Drill-down, interactive graphics and data
    • Mouse-generated graphics and viewing of any data-subset
    • Radial wafer dependency
    • Comparative analysis by wafer, feature-design or Double-Patterning layer
  • Data types and Import
    • Uses Weir Standard Format
    • Import ASML XY, Match, FOCAL etc.
    • Any size data set up to 65,536 data points
    • Any data format
  • Precision calculation
  • Covariance calculation
  • Data Culling
    • Multiple levels of manual & automated data culling
  • Multi-Pattern comparative performance matching using "Feature Families"
  • Remote program calling and analysis automation using Weir DMA


  • Reticle & Photomask

    • Process Control of overlay & Registration

    • Data encapsulation for registration signature transmission to wafer-fab

    • New design qualification

    • Process uniformity analysis

    • In-wafer-process reticle validation

  • Process-Simulation Support

    • Results feedback and verification

    • Process tolerance derivation for Design for Manufacture

    • Lot, wafer, reticle, field, lens and scan signature derivation

    • Feature response confirmation

  • Characterization & Optimization

    • Focus and dose signature response mapping

    • Reticle stage direction sensitivity mapping

    • Reticle bow mapping

    • Lens and scan-stage setup

    • Matching

    • Pattern performance characterization for design and Double Patterning applications.

  • Setup

    • Exposure tool stage, wafer-leveling, scan direction, lens slit performance on profiles,

    • Pre-lot exposure setup

    • Reticle and wafer signature removal

  • Exposure Tool and Metrology

    • tool matching & calibration

    • characterization and critical setup

    • error-budget and electro-mechanical precision module.

    • performance models and variable covariance mapping.

  • Yield Analysis

    • Reticle performance evaluation

    • Simulation of full-process contribution

    • Exposure; source and uniformity mapping

    • Film uniformity mapping

    • Performance and process daily monitor

A Weir PW

Full-Profile Feature & Film Response Modeling

Reticle Enhancement Technology response

Advanced Process Windows

Metrology Error extraction

Process, tool and setup error extraction

Process Setup

Reticle Feature extraction

Dose Uniformity Modeling

Feature-Focus Uniformity


  • See Brochure
  • Import any metrology.
    • Reticle, wafer, process, temporal, thermal, Flat Panel, yield, ECD etc.
  • Tool and Process Precision
  • Spatial perturbation modeling
  • Metrology validation and characterization
  • Advanced process window calculations
  • Effective Dose mapping (also Exposure Latitude, Depth-of-Focus etc.)
  • Feature Focus mapping
  • Process tolerance studies
  • Reticle
    • Qualification & Validation
    • Forbidden pitch analysis
    • Proximity correction derivation
    • OPC validation by site
    • Links setup for simulation
  • Process Simulation validation and constant derivation
  • Metrology
    • model validation
    • characterization
    • calibration
    • precision
  • Spatial Modeling
    • Exposure and track-tool setup
    • edge bead control
    • film uniformity mapping
    • Reticle, mean-field and perturbation removal
    • APC, Film, process characterization and modeling from empirical data.
  • Process Window
    • Full-field window setup
    • IsoFocal ridge modeling
    • Dose, Exposure Latitude, Focus and Depth-of-Focus mapping

PSFM, PGM, Z-spin Reticle Calibration


Process & Tool Focus Uniformity



  • See Brochure
  • Import registration, overlay and exposure tool metrology
  • Calibrate metrology to focus metrics.
  • Maintain Focus Conversion Template Library
  • Model and visualize a full-wafer, full-field focus response
  • Model focus precision
  • Works with specialty analyses including FOCAL, PSFM, PGM, Zspin and others.
  • Reticle Calibration
  • Custom and vendor focus models for data
  • full-field slit and scan focus analysis
  • full-wafer and stage direction focus analysis
A Weir DM

Script Automation

Two-click analysis

Trend charts

  • See Brochure
  • Daily Monitor automation
  • Uses Weir Process Macros to emulate any complex Weir PSFM or PW analysis
  • Two-click data selection and analysis.
  • Automated trend charting of user selected variables.
  • Daily Monitor for Focus, Process Window, Metrology, precision, stage tilt, wafer edge-bead etc.
  • Production interface for Weir PW and Weir PSFM complex analyses
  • Analysis automation
  • Trend-plot maintenance.
A Weir DMA

Script Automation with remote calling

Automation of input & Output

Any analysis

  • See Brochure
  • Program or process callable Weir DM for Automation.
  • Automated output of data.
  • Emailed results and alarms.
  • Trend-charting
  • APC modeling agent
  • Analysis history log.
  • Automation interface for non-interactive analysis
  • APC modeling module
  • Factory control automation
  • Automated trend plot
  • Focus, Dose, DoF, EL%, metrology etc automation.
A LithoWorks PEB

Thermal Uniformity analysis of On-Wafer and SensArray data

  • See Brochure
  • Imports feature profile and Thermal Sensor data
  • Hot, chill, bake plate and oven analysis.
  • Link and align and scale data to any metrology source
  • Thermal gradient and energy studies
  • Automated process sequence movies
  • Thermal data analysis.
  • Bake-plate characterization
  • Chill plate, oven, stage sensor etc.
  • Bake to feature profile and film correlation
  • Energy and temporal thermal mapping.


* Commercial data formats will be added or updated for any customer with an active warranty or maintenance agreement at no extra charge. All data formats guaranteed to be able to import into the Weir and LithoWorks product lines.
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