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  • Do you have a critical study, performance matching study, evaluation or characterization that is particularly difficult or must be performed quickly?

  • Are you evaluating new metrology or process tools but are not fully familiar with their formats and compatibility?

  • Can you calculate and visualize the limitations imposed by the systematic process errors in your process?

  • Do you need a new and fresh perspective on your data?

  • What systematic or "correctable" perturbations do you have in your process?

  • What are the limitations of your process or tool?

  • Need help with model and simulation validation or calibration?

TEA Systems can help you implement process improvements that significantly enhance yields.

TEA Systems has been providing products and services since 1988. Our experience in tool, device and process design, combined with over two decades of research and  production experience has helped our clients to quickly reduce costs, increase productivity and fine tune critical production control segments.

Our clients view us as an investment, not an expense. Our style is professional, personal,  hands-on and highly focused to your goals. We will work with you to understand performance issues and minimize systematic errors in your process. We can help you to achieve the maximum results from your process and clearly understand it's limits.


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Now you can take advantage of the depth and breadth of experience of TEA Systems. TEA Systems engineers will combine their background and expertise with the unique family of Weir and LithoWorks software to solve your problems in areas such as tool matching, acceptance, control, characterization, process setup and metrology.

You get more than a report. TEA Systems will work with you to define a problem, extract the data, visualize the causes, optimize and correct the problem and confirm your process improvement. TEA Systems will even teach you how to perform future studies in-house using our unique software toolset.

The TEA Systems approach to your solution is unique because of the breadth of experience of the principals. Multi-discipline solutions and analysis combine to root-out the systematic causes of yield and performance loss and provide yield-enhancing corrections to your process.

With over 36 years in multi-discipline problem solving, TEA Engineers will deliver guaranteed solutions for your ramp-up, yield improvement or capabilities limit analysis needs.

Typical Studies Requested

Reticles & Photomasks
Feature size extraction from wafer profile and SEM dataBow and Distortion analysisHeating Distortion
OPC QualificationDesign qualification for process windowFull-field Process Window Tolerance
Proximity feature responseFull-field Dose ResponseDose sensitivity uniformity
Isofocal surface calculationEtch and process uniformityEtch, profile and film uniformity
Semiconductor & Flat Panel
Link process to electrical test results.Reticle, process & yield model correlationsSubstrate and field systematic response
Metrology Tool CalibrationProcess Bias ControlForbidden Pitch Evaluation
Tool matching for overlay and feature-size controlProcess Window capabilityBake characterization (PEB, Chill-Plate etc.)
Line-edge roughness sensitivitiesFocus UniformityFocus-error measurement comparisons
Data source performance comparisonSpatial Error ModelingLithography cell matching
ARC EvaluationsProcess SetupEdge-Bead analyses
Dose uniformity and responseDepth-of-Focus uniformity mappingExposure-Latitude uniformity
Reticle scan systematic error analysisLens perturbation analysisAlignment capability study
Wafer stage perturbation studyCorrelation of empirical and simulation dataSimulation constant derivations
Specialty Analyses
Flat-Panel, FOCAL, ASML Log File, NIKON Data logs, Z-spin, On-Wafer, Sensarray, Ellipsometry, PSFM, PGM, Red-Blue data, Matching, ECD, and many others.

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Solutions provided by TEA Systems Products

Critical Feature Analysis

Focus ControlPost Exposure Bake
Reticle AnalysisTool CharacterizationMetrology
 Process Setup & Control 
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