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Product Presentations in Power Point Format

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TEA Systems Product - Introduction OverviewAllDec. 20055.4 MbAll Products: introduction with comments on Note Pages - ppt
TEA Product Presentation - AlternateAllDec. 20045.7 MbProducts presentations with additional screens and shots
ASML Overlay data file - analysisVector RaptorMay 20075.4 MbVector Raptor import of ASML Immersion data file in native format. Analysis of data.
Overlay Immersion analysis of over 15,000 data pointsVector RaptorJune 20071.3 MbOutlier removal, data import, wafer model, fine-residual study.
Vector Raptor Overlay - Product OverviewVector RaptorJuly 20074.9 MbOverview of base features of Vector Raptor overlay and registration analysis tools for overlay setup, characterization and double exposure/patterning studies
Tutorial: Saving results as dataVector RaptorAug. 2007300kSaving analysis residuals of modeled data terms into a worksheet that can later be loaded as a data file.
Analysis of wafer-chuck influence on featuresWeir PWNov. 2003870kbWafer E-Chuck thermal cooling can be seen on BCD variation using Weir PW
Weir PW OverviewWeir PWDec. 20043.0 MbOverview of Weir PW product and some Weir DM
Process Window AnalysisWeir PWSept. 20031.7 MbScreens used in process windows calculations
Full-field feature profile models in process controlWeir PWMarch 20057 MbProcess window calcuations for sub-90 nm processes SPIE 5755_16 (2005)
Weir PSFM OverviewWeir PSFMJan 20043 MbOverview of  the utilities for measuring and analyzing Focus Perturbations
Weir Fixed Focus Analysis Weir PSFMSept. 20032.2 MbFocus variations across a wafer and the influence of the scan-slit
Wafer Edge Focus EffectsWeir PSFMOct 2003466 kbFocus perturbations caused by the auto-leveling of the scanner and edge bead
Weir PSFM FlowWeir PSFMDec. 200385 kbAnalysis flow between calibration and fixed focus analysis - Flow Chart
CANON Zspin Focus Analysis IWeir PSFMMarch 2005759 kbCANON focus pattern analysis of fixed focus and it's calibrations
CANON Zspin Focus Analysis IIWeir PSFMMarch 20051.6 MbAnother CANON focus pattern analysis of fixed focus
On-Wafer analysis of two plates LithoWorks PEBAug. 20031.4 MbDemonstration of two different hot plate performance. Duplicates and extends OnWafer capabilities
PEB and CD analysis of two plates LithoWorks PEBAug. 20031.7 MbExtending hot-plate analysis to CD and feature profile variations.
PEB Plate repeatabilityLithoWorks PEBAug. 20031.6 MbHot plat repeatability over multiple runs
Weir DMA Getting StartedWeir DMAOct. 2005470kbHow to setup and run Weir DM in the program-callable, automated mode.
Weir DMA setupWeir DMADec. 2005 1.1 MbSetup of the Weir DM and Weir DMA Macro

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