New Product Release Announcement - Weir PW ver. 4.0
Graphics and analyses of Weir DMA showing process window displays 

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Model based process setup and control PLUS

Now you can validate Simulation and Design-for-Manufacturing links to empirical data; Qualify toolsets through full-field reticle & process validation; perform additional full-wafer/full-field advanced focus derivations, depth-of-focus and perturbation source deconvolution

Pre-Release Announcement

Weir DMA Graphic

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Are you deriving the maximum benefit from your full-profile and film measurement? Now you can with Weir PW and Weir DMA.

TEA Systems introduces new and unique features for the analysis of data from any metrology, spreadsheet or logging system. Combined with Weir DMA, any analysis can be macro-encapsulated into a simple interface that is called from any Factory/APC control system or interactively run using only a 3-button interface.

Weir PW provides many advanced, time saving features in one package that can be found no where else:

Analyses include

  • Process window
    • Multi-feature and full-field
    • Multiple models, user-selected
    • Focus-Response surface
    • Dose-Response surface
    • Focus Response @ Best Dose
    • Full-Field Focus & Depth-of-Focus surface model
  • Feature & Film Uniformity
    • Full-Wafer systematic Error
    • Full-Field systematic
      • link to feature response
      • link to metrology, lens-slit and scan
    • Random error analysis
    • Link film and feature response to wafer, field, lens-slit and scan perturbations
    • Derive Full-field or wafer dose uniformity
      • Optionally as a function of scan direction
    • Calculate exposure tool scan nonlinearity
    • Derive lens-slit perturbation profiles
  • Focus Analysis
    • Full-Field systematic errors
    • From Bossung Curves
      • Determine Full-Field Focus response
      • Determine Full-Field Depth-of-focus response at best dose/focus
      • Link to focus analysis models to analyze true response of features to process, films, ARC, duty-cycle and loading.
  • Depth-of-Focus analysis
    • Full-Field surface response uniformity at optimum dose
    • Any combination of features and sites.
    • Scanner signature derivation
  • Precision analysis for perturbation deconvolution
  • Weir Reticle Library
    • Signature storage
      • for analysis or reticle process
      • removal from wafer data
        • improved process window, wafer, lens and
    • Data input from text file, spreadsheet, direct import or derived through wafer-data modeling.
    • Derive Full-field or wafer dose uniformity
      • Optionally as a function of scan direction
    • Derive signatures from advanced modeling of the wafer for all designs including OPC, phase shift and other Reticle Enhancement functions (RET).
  • Mask Error Function (MEF)
    • automated calculation from wafer data
    • calculated for every site on field
    • signature linked to tool and process
    • Full-field surface mapping by feature
    • Signature removal for enhanced analysis:
      • See the true response of the process to bake, exposure, feature cycle, loading and film thickness independent of reticle variations.
  • Automated data import, analysis & trend
    • When combined with Weir DMA
    • Independent data gathering or
    • software callable or
    • Two button simplified interface for production daily use.

Applications include:

  • Reticle validation and qualification in the wafer process
  • Process and tool characterization
  • ARC, film and immersion lithography characterization
  • Process and tool setup with full-field process windows
  • Focus budget derivation from FOCAL, Z-spin and PSFM Reticle data (Weir PSFM) as well as Bossung array studies (Weir PW)
  • Metrology, process, tool and scan precision calculations.
  • Validation of simulation and Design for Manufacturing calculations.

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TEA Systems, a privately held corporation since 1988, specializes in advanced, intelligent modeling of the photomask, semiconductor process and toolset. Products from TEA allow the user to decouple process, tool and random perturbations for enhanced process setup & control.

TEA Systems products include:

Weir PSFM: Full-wafer/field/scan analysis tool for FOCUS derived from proprietary defocus sensitive features.

Weir PW:    Reticle/Full-wafer/field/scan/process data modeling for any metrology with advanced process window capabilities. Product is capable of addressing both wafer and photomask process control.

Weir DMA:   Macro Automation interface for Weir PSFM and Weir PW for external calling, automated data gathering or one-button analysis of commonly used sequences. Includes data trending.


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FOCAL is a trademark of ASML Lithography.

Z-spin is a trademark of CANON

PSFM Reticle is a trademark of Benchmark Technologies inc.

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