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Graphics and analyses of Weir DMA showing process window displays 

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Automation for any metrology - Model based process setup and control

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TEA Systems introduces a new software product that can automate and enhance the analysis of data from any metrology or data logging system. This simple interface can be called from any factory/APC control system or interactively run using only a 3-button interface.

Weir DMA is the only tool in the industry to use the full power of the imaged profile, when available, to decouple process, tool, reticle and metrology noise. This means process setup and characterization is more accurate than any simple process window or statistical analysis.

You have full control of even the most complex analysis using Weir Macros. User-customized Trend Charts of raw and modeled data are automatically updated.

A full-field, full-profile analysis provides the opportunity for lithography cell optimization of the most critical imaging layers. With this you can fully understand the contributions of film uniformity, bake, lens and scan perturbations and compare their influence to true process response.

Weir DMA also provides the ability to estimate individual feature response for any given reticle from data obtained on the wafer with results traceable to SEM direct measurements. Reticle and image data stored in the Weir Reticle Library can be used to remove reticle artifacts from process and tool response studies.

Applications include:

  • Reticle validation and qualification
  • Process and tool characterization
  • Process and tool setup with full-field process windows
  • Focus budget derivation from FOCAL, Z-spin and PSFM Reticle data (Weir PSFM) as well as Bossung array studies (Weir PW)
  • Metrology, process, tool and scan precision calculations.

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TEA Systems, a privately held corporation since 1988, specializes in advanced, intelligent modeling of photomask, semiconductor processes and their toolsets. Products from TEA allow the user to decouple process, tool and random perturbations for enhanced process setup & control.

TEA Systems products include:

Weir PSFM: Full-wafer/field/scan analysis tool for FOCUS derived from proprietary defocus sensitive features.

Weir PW:    Full-wafer/field/scan analysis for any metrology with advanced process window capabilities.


TEA Systems Corp. | Tel: +1 610 682 4146
65 Schlossburg St., Alburtis, PA USA



FOCAL is a trademark of ASML Lithography.

Z-spin is a trademark of CANON

PSFM Reticle is a trademark of Benchmark Technologies inc.

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