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TEA Systems Announces

Release of Weir 4.0 Integrated Process Analysis Software


Allentown, PA (USA). May 1, 2006 -- TEA Systems Corporation, a process setup and analysis services provider for the semiconductor industry, announces the first industry wide release of it's new suite of Weir 4.0 software. The Weir Software Suite is a family of windows-based tools that provide an integrated interface for all of the engineering and manufacturing sub-90 nanometer node analysis needs. Reticle-to-wafer bias population density plot and scan direction.

Previously the engineer had to turn to many software packages to provide functions such as process window analysis, tool calibration, focal plane uniformity, data visualization, exposure characterization, setup, lens characterization, lot-gating, thermal mapping and data mining functions. Weir 4.0 provides all these functions plus additional analyses such as reticle design qualification, reticle process capability, reticle feature extraction from wafer data, dose-mapping, exposure latitude mapping, film response, process comparison, precision response, covariance matching tools and spatial modeling of systematic tool, process, wafer and lens errors.

The Weir Software suite uniquely imports any simulation, metrology or process-tool specific data and restructures it into a Lot-model object. The Lot-model structure is a process-systematic hierarchy that provides drill-down capability for all empirical data analyses. Weir's point-and-click interface supports full interactive drill-down data manipulation and modeling. Reports and an "open" data structure are enhanced by many user-customizable, interactive graphics that include 1D, 2D and 3D control surface contours, XY charts, histograms, trend charts, box plots, population density plots, vector, range and curve fitting.

Automation needs for the use of complex engineering analysis sequences in production applications are provided by the macro-encapsulation tools of Weir DM. Weir DM's interactive mode presents simple "two-click" access to any complex user-customized analysis. Full-automation is supported through external module calling for any process control or factory automation modeling. Results summarize to customized graphics and statistics as well as historic trend-charts. Automation outputs can be sent to text files, Excel Workbooks and "html" web reports.

Terrence Zavecz, president of TEA Systems commented, "This product provides a previously missing link between design simulation and production and testing. We've used and tested this software in-house for our consultation and support services for over three years. Selected partners have purchased it and provided valuable feedback from their use of individual modules. With the industry-wide release of Weir 4.0 we now can present a unique product for both classic analyses and proprietary modeling that provides a single analysis tool for control of the most advanced production processes."

Applications include:

  • Reticle validation and qualification in the wafer process or mask house.
  • Reticle evaluation for full-field process window capability
  • Design qualification for Optical Proximity Correction and Phase Shift.
  • Process, lens and tool characterization
  • ARC, film and immersion lithography characterization and matching
  • Process and tool setup with full-field process window uniformity calculation
  • Focus budget derivation from FOCAL, Z-spin, PGM and PSFM Reticle data (Weir PSFM) as well as Bossung matrix studies (Weir PW)
  • Full-field dose, exposure latitude, focus and depth-of-focus mapping.
  • Enhanced full-field isofocal and aberration analysis response.
  • Covariance and precision matching for thermal, yield, ECD and lithographic performance
  • Metrology, process, tool and scan subassembly precision response.
  • Validation of simulation and Design for Manufacturing calculations.
  • Full automation of any of the above applications from any metrology system.

About TEA Systems

TEA Systems, a privately held corporation since 1988, specializes in advanced, intelligent and adaptive modeling of the photomask, semiconductor process and it's toolsets. Products from TEA allow the user to decouple process, tool and random perturbations for enhanced process setup & control.

TEA Systems products include:

Weir PSFM: Full-wafer/field/scan analysis tool for FOCUS derived from proprietary defocus sensitive features.

Weir PW:    Reticle/Full-wafer/field/scan/process data modeling for any metrology with advanced process window capabilities. Product is capable of addressing both wafer and photomask process control.

Weir DMA:   Macro Automation interface for Weir PSFM and Weir PW for external calling, automated data gathering or one-button analysis of commonly used sequences. Includes data trending.

See us at http://www.TEAsystems.com for a free demonstration or evaluation.

News and Information: http://www.TEAsystems.com/NewsReleases.htm

Contact: Sales@TEAsystems.com or

               Terrence Zavecz

Phone: +1 610 682 4146

              +1 610 462 0706

FOCAL is a trademark of ASM Lithography

Z-spin is a trademark of CANON Inc.

PGM is a trademark of Toshiba Inc.

PSFM is a trademark of IBM and is marketed by Benchmark Technologies.

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