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Vector Raptor Video Tutorials

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Data Loading


Overview of Data Loading and storage

Loading raw data into the Weir Standard Workbook

Loading the data into Vector Raptor

Initial tools for data selection and culling

Easy graphics based on Wafer & Field Location

Analysis Overview I 18:39

Part 1 of 3 Overview of field and wafer raw data analysis

Analyses that can be performed while in the Data Selection tab

Tool, process and metrology precision

Metrology variable Covariance calculations & plots

Wafer & Field Model Selection

Full-Field model analysis with contour plots

Analysis Overview II 16:47

Part 2 of 3 Overview of model selections

Average field modeling, residual contours

Setting vector scale and size

Removal of slit or scan signature, center field site value etc.

Wafer/Process model for data

Analysis Overview III 8:00

Part 3 of 3 Overview of Enhanced Data Culling & Utilities

Mouse and point selected data culling & restoration

Population Range and Standard Error Distributions

Culling by Wafer Radius & Radial Distribution

Simulations 8:19 Simulation of lot, wafer & field systematic errors beyond those measured by the metrology
Lot-Correction Simulator 6:20 Simulate overlay correction strategies by averaging over lot, wafer or individual field coefficients. Investigate the impact of including overlay coefficients into the scanner correction database.
Model Editor 14:00 Model editor for easy creation, modification and maintenance of both Wafer and Field models.


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