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Tutorials - Focus Control  

Weir PSFM, Weir PW, LithoWorks PW operation

Initial Reticle Exposure- Dose Analysis

Focus/Dose analysis A Phase-Grating reticle (PGM) setup is performed to determine the optimum exposure dose.
Determining initial dose for PSFM/PGM reticles Weir PSFM utilities and the method of determining exposure - dose for Benchmark Technologies PSFM/ PGM reticles.

PSFM/ PGM Reticle Calibration

Weir PSFM analysis flow Flowchart describing the calibration & conversion flow of data to calibrate a Focus Monitor reticle and then apply the calibration to a fixed-focus analysis of the entire wafer (PDF)
PSFM 13 point - Calibration A step-by-step method for calibrating a PSFM reticle, determining precision and saving results to a template. Aerial image analysis is demonstrated.
PSFM 13 point - Fixed Focus Analysis Calibration previously determined is now applied to a full-wafer analysis of wafer and field focus aberrations. Analysis of the across-wafer sources of focus error.
PSFM Calibration - annotated Step-by-step calibration of a PSFM reticle with detailed annotations and comments
Fixed Focus PSFM scanner - annotated Calibration template of the previous section is applied  to a fixed-focus analysis of wafer and field aberrations.
Weir PSFM calibration Weir PSFM calibration example

Fixed-Focus, Full Wafer Focus Studies

KLA Archer - fixed focus analysis Another fixed-focus analysis using data derived from the KLA Archer registration/overlay tool.
Topography standard PGM analysis Etched 10 to 70 nm steps and trenches and patterns in a wafer are used to evaluate focus sensitivity
Weir Fixed Focus Analysis Another example of the analysis of the magnitude and sources focus aberration across the wafer.
Wafer Edge Focus Effects Techniques for modeling and analysis of focus errors on the wafers edge. Also includes methods of data culling and wafer-radius restriction.
Wafer & Field Models
Weir PSFM focus model and Weir DM features The model used for wafer and field analysis is described. Additional reviews of Weir PSFM used the the Weir Daily Monitor
Weir Wafer and field models FOCAL data with programmed wafer tilts is analyzed using Weir PSFM
ASML FOCAL analysis ASML FOCAL data is imported and a Weir PSFM full-field model performance is compared with the FOCAL reported values (Stepper model)
Weir PSFM & FOCAL Weir PSFM is compared to results obtained from ASML FOCAL


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FOCAL is a trademark of ASM Lithography Inc.

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