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Tutorials - Process Window

Operation and tips
Process Window
PEB Tutorial
Daily Monitor

Weir PW Feature Response & Spatial Studies


Exposure Tool Control
CD variation with Focus perturbations Process Setup
CD-sem correlation to Optical Scatterometry Metrology Tool
Ellipsometer - exposure sensitivity study Metrology Tool
Exposure variation effects on features Process Setup
Feature response to focus perturbations (Ellipsometer) Process Setup
Hot-plate comparison - CD response Process Tuning
Reticle error detection and "bad" data removal Process Control
Reticle dimension to wafer feature correlation Process Setup
Reticle & Wafer, field signature matching Process Control
Scanner Row & Column modeling for slit & scan control Exposure Tool Control
Modeling wafer tilt separate from field tilt (SPIE 2003 paper) Exposure Tool Control
Measuring dense feature profiles with optical scatterometry Process Control
Measuring isolated feature profiles with optical scatterometry Metrology Tool

Process Window Studies

Weir PW & LithoWorks PW


Process window Duty-cycle response for 100 nm features Duty cycle & Exposure Tool
1:1 Duty Cycle process window response to across-field aberrations Exposure tool and process window
Studying FEM process windows from optical scatter Process window methods
Full-field "Best Focus", optimum CD and Depth-of-Focus contours Process window & exposure tool


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