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VR Matching 

TEA Systems Announces the release of a new product for

Process & Tool matching

for sub-65 nm node lithography



On-Line Brochure: VR Matching

Portable Document Brochure: VR Matching (pdf)


Allentown, PA (USA). May 1, 2008 -- TEA Systems announced the release of an unprecedented product that simplifies the most complex tasks in semiconductor process control. VR Matching provides a simple solution to a complex task by overcoming, the need for many involved analysis techniques along with the obstacles and pitfalls of comparative response studies in semiconductor production.

Many of the core tasks in yield optimization and process control center on the skill and experience of the engineer in handling large amounts of complex data. Process yields key directly on the quality of each engineer’s methodic approach to a solution for each unique problem and often their ability to custom code a general purpose interface such as MathCAD*. With this approach the complexity of each solution rises as it attempts to evolve along with the process and product spectrum of production. In focusing on a single-task solution, the common element in these problems is neglected along with the simplicity of the method. Simplicity is derived from the fact that most process control tasks are based on a comparative analysis of performance and nothing more.

Terrence Zavecz, president of TEA Systems stated:

"The classic example for a comparative analysis need is found in tool matching but many of the greatest process challenges are not even regarded as a comparative analysis. For example the evaluation of ARC or other process film responses, reticle qualification, reticle haze and lens contamination.

Most process control solutions have become overly complex. Process Window models are a good example of evolved over-complexity. Here, along with complexity comes a concurrent loss in the model’s ability to adapt to the subtle nuances and variations now encountered in the sub-65 nm nodes and double-patterning approach. VR Matching provides a powerful, sophisticated but user-simplified and highly automated solution to these and many other comparative analysis tasks."

VR Matching applications include:

         Tool matching for overlay, registration, double-patterning, focus, etch, CVD, CMP, Electrical Response, Proximity

         Critical Dimension (CD) and feature profile uniformity analyses across slit, scan, wafer and lot.

         Reticle haze and Lens Contamination

         Process Window response matching, centering, optimization and extrapolation without the use of complex polynomial models.

         Process Correction validation and Split-lot performance.

         Reticle Effect removal.

         OPC, proximity correction and depth-of-focus response.


VR Matching supports both Comparative and Difference Matching techniques. The product works seamlessly with other TEA Systems products and calculated difference data can be modeled using Weir PW or the user-customized models of Vector Raptor.

VR Matching uses TEA Standard Data Format workbooks for storage of all data and reports. TEA Systems products provide tools to easily import any format metrology data into the standard format workbooks. There is never a charge for new-format updates. Our products include full support for ASML registration, overlay and FOCAL metrology. Fixed or floating-node licenses are available.

Please see our brochure for more information.

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VR Matching is available May 1, 2008.  VR Matching and Weir PW products run on windows-based computers using Windows XP, Windows 2000, Small Business Server 2003 etc. Pricing starts at a competitive $12,000 USD per seat.

For more information or to order VR Matching, contact TEAsales@TEAsystems.com.


About TEA Systems

TEA Systems, a privately held corporation since 1988, specializes in advanced, intelligent and adaptive process modeling of the photomask, semiconductor process and it's toolsets. Products from TEA allow the user to decouple process, tool and random perturbations to enhance process setup, control and yield.

TEA Systems products include:

Weir PSFM: Full-wafer/field/scan analysis tool for FOCUS derived from proprietary defocus sensitive features.

Weir PW:    Reticle/Full-wafer/field/scan/process data modeling for any metrology with advanced process window capabilities. Product is capable of addressing both wafer and photomask process control.

Weir DMA:  Macro Automation interface for Weir PSFM and Weir PW for external calling, automated data gathering or one-button analysis of commonly used sequences. Includes data trending.

Weir TR:     A tool to link and correlate profile, film and critical element control to thermal reactions such as PEB and ChillPlate

Vector Raptor: Advanced overlay process control for Double Patterning, simulation and feature design optimization.

See us at http://www.TEAsystems.com for a free demonstration or evaluation.

News and Information: http://www.TEAsystems.com/NewsReleases.htm

Contact: Sales@TEAsystems.com or

               Terrence Zavecz

Phone: +1 610 682 4146

Cell:      +1 610 462 0706


TEA Systems Corp. | Tel: +1 610 682 4146
65 Schlossburg St., Alburtis, PA USA

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